New Year’s Resolutions 2011

A little late because of my trip to London, but these are my New Year's Resolutions (so far):

  • Get involved in charities or some sort of social good organizations (Gay Rights and some positive San Francisco organization)
  • Start going to the Gym and lose weight, eat healthier
  • Buy more groceries, cook more often, and bring lunch to work more often
  • Play my bass more and start playing in a group of some sort
  • Budget Money and start saving money
  • Take mini-vacations to Seattle, Boston, and other cities
  • Keep in touch with family and friends better/more (Dad's side, Cousins, talk to my sister and nephew/niece more, buddies from High School, etc)
  • Explore San Francisco more and the Bay Area in general (Berkeley especially)
  • Meet more people outside my friend group (people involved in design and advertising/marketing, other startups, other industries, etc)
  • Go to more concerts
  • Start decorating apartment more, especially with cool music stuff
  • Read More
  • Get ADHD Medicine – I used to take adderall and it helped me greatly
  • Stop Procrastinating so much – Most of this stuff, and things in every day life (Work, chores, etc) I could have done much earlier.  The time is now!
  • Play more games/complete more games

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  • By Marcello Lagosh, January 13, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

    Great list Sam. I still take adderall but only when I am working/workdays/serious job hunting days.  So this explains my lack of an inneral filter ……sometimes.  As for gym stuff,  only advice I can give is to just go and go and your own pace. It's worked for me. Finally, I been using to expand my friends/networking web along with the DtoidSF group.  I'll start sending event stuff your way.  I am just happy revenge didn't make it on to my resolution list this year as it has for the past 5 lol.

  • By Brinstar, January 13, 2011 @ 1:42 pm

    My list has some similarities, but because I am bad at such things, I listed defined goals for certain resolutions, so I had something to shoot for. So resolutions finishing more games or reading more books, become "Finish x number of books" and "Finish x number of games". 
    Someone recently linked me to this website called StickK: Which is a more organised way of motivating yourself to reach your goals–by putting money on the line (to donate to a loved or hated charity, for instance), and holding yourself accountable. Not sure I will use it, but seems like a good way to motivate yourself. If I committed to donating $300 to a charity I disliked, if I didn't meet my goals, it's definitely an incentive to achieve them. 😛

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