Thank you very much! (There’s more to come)

Wow, the past 48 hours or so have been insane.  What started out as a blog post I was writing while bored watching Edwards Scissorhands has now caught on like crazy throughout the gaming community.  Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Video Game companies on Twitter and since then I’ve received thousands of visitors to the site, hundreds of new followers, and many many blog comments, Twitter Replies, Direct Messages and emails all requesting to be added to the list or thanking me for writing the list.

To start, I should really be thanking everyone who helped spread the word about the article, retweeted it, blogged it, Dugg it and told their friends about it.  Big thanks also go out to Joystiq who broke the story about the article and then Kotaku who followed shortly after with a great write up.  Without everyone’s support I don’t think this list really would have been as good as it is and I’m happy to have helped everyone out by curating the list.  It’s my pleasure! Overall I’d have to say this experience has been quite encouraging, while sometimes a bit overwhelming.

I’ve received a lot of great comments from folks in the game industry saying that their company is now coming to Twitter partly because of this list, or maybe they are going to try to convince their company to use Twitter, etc.  I’ve also had a ton of requests for more lists, for people in different parts of the industry to be added, etc.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan and there should be more lists that includes a wider selection of people in a few days(Hopefully, depending on how much free time I have in the next couple days).

If you are in the video game industry whether it be as press, PR, investor or otherwise please let me know!  Send an email to and I’ll try to make sure you’re in the next evolution of this list and other lists.

I’d like to leave you by again saying thanks, this has been an awesome experience. Please Add me on Twitte r and check out my About Page for all my contact info . I’m planning to update this blog much more than I have in the past, focusing more on helpful tips and discussions on Community Management, Social Media, Marketing, and the Video Game Industry overall.

If you’re a game company interested in using Twitter/monitoring Twitter and have any questions please feel to email me at Sam AT QforQ dot com and I’d be happy to help you out.  We’re all in this together and the more game companies/individuals we can get on Twitter and other social media, the better.

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